Friday, January 27, 2012

There Ain't No Justice*

Justice is a tasteless dish, fibrous and unfilling.

The wise seek mercy, not justice. It is not given unto humanity to see perfect justice in this lifetime. Religions know this and promise it for the next. They know the hunger for justice in people's hearts and they know it cannot be sated.

The cost of justice is too great. Some people sell their entire future for a single morsel. Only seek it if the hunger is so unbearable that it is worth everything to you.

Some of history's biggest winners were terribly unjust. Murdering the families of your enemies turns out to be a spectacularly successful strategy.

If you love goodness, you must pick your battles and take the long view. Seek to spread the love of goodness in the hearts of men. The nihilists are too powerful to face in a set-piece battle. They are far more cunning and effective than those constrained by morality.

Every age has its evil. It is the task of the righteous to work towards its lessening over time, not its immediate elimination. Preserve the goodness that exists in the world. Cut your losses. And never give up.

*Editor's note: This is adapted from a series of tweets. Don't forget to follow me on twitter.

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