Monday, May 7, 2012

The Unexamined Life

Over in the Marginal Revolution comments section, Martin Cohen explains the benefits of the unexamined life

Benefits of the unexamined life:
You don’t have to waste time and energy listening to those others you know are wrong.
You can make use of the dynamic duo of “It’s not my fault” and “It’s not my problem”.
You can get from here to there much faster if you ignore the “Warning – thin ice!” signs. 
You will be supported in so many ways by the others living in the fact-free zone. 
It’s much easier if you think of those things you are climbing over as minor obstacles rather than people. 
It’s so much fun to creatively decorate those walls that surround you. 
Focusing on your own well-being takes all your energy, anyway. 
Finally, if you’re screaming inside, you don’t have to listen.

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