Saturday, July 14, 2012

Aphorisms on a Saturday Afternoon

The mathematician says "I seek truth". The scientist says "I seek science", and imagines they are the same thing. 

A scientist hides from the diversity of epistemologies. The mathematician cannot. 

The mathematician, artist, and theologian have the same soul. 

There is no braver men than priests. Priests do battle with human nature, their own and others. It takes bravery to look into one's self with honest eyes. It takes bravery to admit one's own imperfection, to admit the existence of a perfect standard, and to admit the necessity of striving for it. It takes bravery to tell others to do the same. 

People are ashamed of their flaws, and yet they defend them. Many have been martyred for telling people that they could be better. 

Any life philosophy is better than no life philosophy. The default life philosophy is to be guided by appetites. No one has ever supposed that the stomach is a better guide than Socrates. 

Every day carries with it its own blessing. The wise man will see it. 

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